Repairing the Soul… Learn about the root causes of moral injury from Brite Divinity School…  Quote from this website…

Moral injury was defined by Veterans Affairs clinicians in 2009 as the consequence of “perpetrating, failing to prevent, bearing witness to, or learning about acts that transgress deeply held moral beliefs and expectations.” Under the extreme, morally ambiguous conditions of war, moral injury occurs through: 

  • Reflection on memories of the use of personal agency that violates core moral beliefs;
  • Inner judgments against oneself;
  • Feelings of unresolved grief, guilt, anger at the failure of others or self to behave morally, shame, betrayal by leaders, seeking to make amends, and wanting to die;
  • A collapse of personal moral identity and a meaning system that supports it. 
  • I am adding a new resource to my website, Brite Divinity School.  There has been much discussion and education on how the soul is damaged in war.  It is most encouraging to learn of an accredited educational institution focused on moral injury.  It is now clear that war can damage deeply held moral beliefs of those who engage directly in combat or anyone who is exposed to severe traumatic events; including loved ones, especially children, who live with a parent suffering from the symptoms of PTSD.  We cannot repair the souls affected by truamatic events overnight, but the more we become educated on the subject and aware of the symptoms of PTSD we can make a difference.
    Steve Sparks
    Reconciliation: A Son’s Story

    2 thoughts on “Repairing the Soul… Learn about the root causes of moral injury from Brite Divinity School…

    1. Risa Ruse

      The thing about experiencing past trauma, (PTSD) is that it is an equal opportunity Mental Health Disorder. It can take over victims of domestic violence, war Veterans, and even children of all races and cultures. My own anthology I put in rhyme that comes from connecting with the Divine that has healed me and can most certainly heal the special groups I have mentioned. Since we all share the same enemy of FEAR I thought we could also share the same WEAPON to defeat it through inspired rhyme to connect to the Source of all joy and hope for living in the present and leaving the past behind us.

      Here’s an example of a poem that tells a healing story others can use as an example to heal, too!

      ‘PTSD Makes Us Harder On Ourselves Than Even God’

      Yours in the power of healing grace,
      Risa Ruse

    2. Sparkles

      Thank you for your warm & thoughtful comments. I am learning much more about human connectedness and spirituality in the context of PTSD & moral injury. Your poetry is insightful and healing. I will share your therapy approach with my followers and look forward to learning more…


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