Elaine Brye, “I am a military Mom!”

http://www.latimes.com/news/politics/la-pn-military-mom-michelle-obama-20120904,0,4814119.story Quote from this site…

“Brye may think of herself as just a mom, but she is in fact a rather special mother. Four of her five children are military officers, one in each branch — Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines. “Our youngest is still in high school,” Brye said. “And yes, we’re hoping he’ll join the Coast Guard.” On the lapel of her purple dress, she wore four rhinestone pins representing each branch.”

I stay away from politics in this blog because the focus is not political, it is “personal.”  It was no coincidence that my posting yesterday was dedicated to military spouses, including my own Mom, Marcella C. Sparks.   I was moved by Elaine Brye’s story, especially her courage as a military Mom.  Ms. Brye taking the stage at the DNC was very timely to show how critical family support is to our soldiers on deployment and when they return home to life after war.  It also made me feel great to honor my own Mom for her courage for so many decades in dealing with the highly sensitive and explosive conditions in our own home while we were growing up.  I did not know until recently, following the research and publication of my book, what my Mom was facing raising her first son alone for all of WWII.  It was even more shocking to me to learn about the symptoms of moral injury and PTSD, and think back to how hard it was for her to keep the peace in our home.  It was nearly impossible, but she did a remarkable job keeping all of us together for so many years before we were on our own.  It was no picnic at the beach, but knowing the circumstances of our family’s toxic home life has been healing for me, and my respect, and debt to Mom for being there for us as best as she could is enormous.   http://www.blogger.com/blogger.g?blogID=4469716410121705800#editor/target=post;postID=6427152203198303887

Steve Sparks
Reconciliation: A Son’s Story

From the right, “military Spouse & Mom” Marcella, Scarlett, & Daughter, Laura

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  1. Mary McNamara

    HI Steve!
    Elaine Brye is my oldest sister. I know she is passionate about supporting military families and our family knows all too well about PTSD. They didn’t really call it that back then. My father was a US ARMY Colonel who served in WW II, Korea and Vietnam. We know.

    My sister was invited to introduce Michelle because of a special friendship that came about because of her involvement with military families. She spoke from the heart. Her speech was her own. Anyone who knows Elaine knows no one could put words in her mouth! She is not a political person by any stretch–never has been. She is passionate about causes that help military families and for her it crosses political boundaries. I am the youngest girl in the family. My too sons serve–one in the Navy and one in the Army. My brother is currently in Afghanistan. Elaine’s oldest is a Marine f-18 pilot who is currently somewhere over the Pacific Rim.

    Thanks for your blog and for the nice things you said about my sister.

    God Bless,

  2. judy


    Thank you so much for checking in on my blog posting regarding your sister, Elaine Brye, speaking at the DNC! In this election season it is very challenging to listen while both sides debate, and all too often it is negative. It was so refreshing to hear your sister speak from her heart about the things we American’s care about, especially our loved ones who serve in the Armed Forces. Military spouses and moms serve silently away from the spotlight helping loved ones maintain hope while in the fight and when they return home after the war. God bless all the military families who serve too!

    All the best to you and your sister Elaine Brye and your loved ones who serve in the Armed Forces of America!

    Steve Sparks
    Reconciliation: A Son’s Story


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