“When Jane and Johnny Come Marching…Homeless.” Continued conversation… Can we see all the statistics and facts related to PTSD?

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Kevin Lucey at his son’s grave.  Marine Lance Cpl, Jeffrey Michael Lucey, committed suicide after returning home from Iraq and succumbed to the hidden wounds of PTSD.

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“With the global goal of “awareness” in mind, I am now endorsing a new documentary film, a body of work in progress, “When Jane and Johnny Come Marching…Homeless.” This documentary is being produced and directed by Emmy Award Winning Editor, Nina Gilberti, who is currently working on the popular television crime drama, Criminal Minds, for CBS.

Nina’s documentary, which began filming in 2007, is now in the beginning stages of the editing process, and she is seeking help in order to finish the film. The film has fiscal sponsorship with the Center for Independent Documentary, in Sharon, MA, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, who is accepting tax-deductible donations on behalf of the film: http://www.documentaries.org/cid-films/when-jane-johnny/ Donations can be made by check or by credit card at the CID’s link above or on the film’s website.

Please go to www.JaneAndJohnny.comto learn more about this ground breaking documentary film that gives a Voice to Veterans and their Families and hopes to move a nation to care beyond the rhetoric of Support Our Troops through compassion, understanding and hope. Also read Nina Gilberti’s entire heartfelt mission statement outlining the goals of this timely film project.”

Steve Sparks
Reconciliation: A Son’s Story

The following is in response to a question from my posting http://livingwithptsd-sparkles.blogspot.com/2012/11/when-jane-and-johnny-come-marching.html

http://www.expeditionbalance.org/ptsd-problem/ptsd-facts.php Quote from this site…

Quick facts about Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

What many veterans
already know and you should.

One in six soldiers returning from Iraq or Afghanistan suffer from PTSD.
  • Untreated, PTSD does not get better in time. It often gets worse.
  • PTSD can be triggered in a moment by a memory, an image, a sound, or even smell.
  • Only half of those who seek help receive even “minimally adequate” treatment.
  • 18 veterans commit suicide each day. 126 each week. 6,552 each year.
  • PTSD can often lead to alcohol and drug abuse, and domestic violence.
  • Soldiers with PTSD are more likely to be divorced, be a single parent or become homeless.
  • 200,000 veterans go homeless each night. 45% suffer from PTSD or mental illness.
  • Many women suffer from PTSD, but fewer receive help because they weren’t in “direct combat”.
  • Female service members also experience PTSD from sexual trauma while in service.
  • Many soldiers with PTSD don’t seek help because they fear it may hurt their careers.

1 in 5 US combat veterans suffered or are suffering from PTSD


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