When Jane & Johnny Come Marching…Homeless…Very moving & captivating documentary film trailer…by Nina M. Gilberti

Joseph, Vietnam Veteran, 173rd Airborne, 1965-69

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Joseph’s Heart Wrenching Message

Copyright 2012, Jam On Toast Productions, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

When Jane & Johnny Come Marching…Homeless  Click on this website to view film trailer…

…The mission to educate millions of typical citizens who are challenged with normal day to day living and multiple tasking requires a huge multi-media strategy. In the USA, moral injury and the resulting symptoms of PTSD is considered an epidemic. Almost 10 million citizens suffer from the symptoms of PTSD. An estimated 25% of those who serve in combat or over 200,000 soldiers struggle with PTSD, TBI, addiction, and other mental disorders in life after war… The very first step to healing as a nation and to effectively get our collective arms around the problem is“awareness.”

My experience shows that most typical folks who have not been exposed to the effects of moral injury from war related trauma and other severe traumatic events, do not have the understanding or knowledge that provides an appreciation for the PTSD epidemic, especially as it affects families as a whole for a lifetime. We must do a better job of communications and education of the public.  In this spirit and the passion to make a difference on the subject of moral injury and PTSD, including my own journey of healing, I have written a book, Reconciliation: A Son’s Story, and have created this blog, rich in content as a resource.

With the global goal of “awareness” in mind, I am now endorsing a new documentary film, a body of work in progress, “When Jane and Johnny Come Marching…Homeless.” This documentary is being produced and directed by Emmy Award Winning Editor, Nina Gilberti, who was formerly on the popular television crime drama, Criminal Minds, for CBS.

Nina’s documentary, which began filming in 2007, is now in the beginning stages of the editing process, and she is seeking help in order to finish the film. The film has fiscal sponsorship with the Center for Independent Documentary, in Sharon, MA, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, who is accepting tax-deductible donations on behalf of the film: http://www.documentaries.org/cid-films/when-jane-johnny/ Donations can be made by check or by credit card at the CID’s link above or on the film’s website.

Please go to www.JaneAndJohnny.comto learn more about this ground breaking documentary film that gives a Voice to Veterans and their Families and hopes to move a nation to care beyond the rhetoric of Support Our Troops through compassion, understanding and hope. Also read Nina Gilberti’s entire heartfelt mission statement outlining the goals of this timely film project.

In the coming weeks, I will share updates on the film’s progress, including appropriate excerpts from filming the documentary on the ground. As the documentary film “When Jane and Johnny Come Marching…Homeless” is launched in late 2013, we can all see it as an independent film at selected locations everywhere. Join me in supporting this project with your hearts and souls…
Steve Sparks
Reconciliation: A Son’s Story

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